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There are too many organizations working throughout the earth with great intentions and hard effort but minimal impact. If your organization suffers from unrealized potential then know that you are not alone. Agricultural development and food security programs do not need to be so hard. So why are they? Your international organization is dedicated to serving communities to become more resilient and sustainably healthy. Yet, droughts, pests, conflicts, and a lack of infrastructure inhibit the production, transportation, delivery, and consumption of food. Limited extension services and educational opportunities prevent many chances for improvement. Obstacles abound.

The International Development Extension Agency, IDEA, empowers communities throughout the world to improve their food security by equipping farmers, agribusinesses, INGOs, and government agencies with the training and guidance necessary for success. IDEA utilizes its decades of international experience, advanced academic degrees, and vast network of experts to support development-focused organizations in all corners of the world to implement agricultural development programs. IDEA’s consultation focuses on establishing and improving agriculture programs with field-tested practices that achieve quality impact.

We understand the challenges of accomplishing your food security goals. At IDEA, we appreciate your desire to improve your programs and increase the food security of your communities. To begin, you must assess your community’s needs that limit agricultural productivity, identify their farming assets for development, and offer potential solutions for growth while including the community throughout the process. The challenge is knowing what projects will result in the impact you and your community desire, which can leave you feeling helpless. We believe every organization has the potential to improve the food security of their communities.

Your hard work and efforts should have a sustainable impact. IDEA’s team of experienced agriculturalists and development workers are here to equip your organization with the knowledge and frameworks that will best enable you to serve your communities. IDEA has over 25 years of experience working with INGOs on development projects in over 40 countries around the world and 100 agriculture project templates to choose from to empower your INGO.

By contracting IDEA to co-design your program you will achieve impacts based on field-tested methodologies, rigorous surveys, and data-driven assessments to find creative solutions for your unique situation. Meet twice a month with IDEA for coaching, mentoring, and resourcing. Leverage IDEA’s expertise and analysis by utilizing our on-site consultation services to create an even bigger impact. Empower your communities to improve their food security through sustainable agriculture development projects with IDEA’s global network of partners. Provide the highest quality services with the greatest results to your communities.

IDEA understands the value of your investment. Your organization is committed to responsibly funding programming in your communities while also communicating with your family of donors. IDEA’s DevCoaching provides monthly, quarterly, and annual reports on the progress of your programming. Program impact reports from IDEA prove your program’s true value. This Monitoring, Evaluation, Analysis, Learning, and Sharing (MEALS) data not only reflects the impact of our partnership but effectively tells the story of the outcomes you are achieving for you to use in fundraising. By contracting with IDEA, you will receive an exponential return on your investment.

Don’t continue alone in the slow struggle to fight food insecurity in the community you serve. Contract IDEA to ensure that your next agriculture project will succeed. You make a difference. We help.

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